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Betcoin Poker : bonus , tournaments and a lot of players!

Betcoin Poker

Freerolls :



1 BTC Deposit Match Bonus

Make a deposit of 1 BTC and we will credit your account with a 1 BTC.  There has never been a better time to play poker.

The match bonus is released by playing real bitcoin games and tournaments. For approximately every 45 Status Points you earn playing on bitcoin tables and tournaments, 0.02 btc will release from your Pending Bonus Bitcoin into your Real Bitcoin balance.

News on Betcoin Poker , daily prizes and weekly freeroll 1 btc.

New promos are currently in effect on betcoin poker and will award the players based on 1) most minutes seated in ring games and 2)  most hands played in ring games.
Daily Prizes:
1.  Top 5 players daily in minutes seated get an immediate rake back – 1st  25% 2nd  20%  3rd.  15%  4th.  10%  5th.  5%
2.  Top 5 players in hands played get an immediate rake back – 1st  25% 2nd  20%  3rd.  15%  4th.  10%  5th.  5%
3.  Top 50 daily minutes seated into a 10 chip freeroll
4.  Top 50 daily hands played into a 10 chip freeroll
Weekly Prizes
1.  Top 100 weekly minutes seated into the weekly Saturday Thank You FREEROLL
2.  Top 100 weekly hands played into the weekly Saturday Thank You FREEROLL
To thank all of our players for their support we are hosting a 1 btc (1,000) credit thank you freeroll on Saturday July 13, 2014 at 3:30pm EST , where the top finisher will also win a seat into a satellite for the 75 btc ($50,000) guaranteed tournament on July 21, 2014 at 7:00pm Est.  To qualify for this freeroll you will need to log a minimum of 25 hands played in the ring games.
Additionally, our new tournaments are shared with the WPN network which gives us BIG GUARANTEES, combined with very low buyins both online and offline. Following is the tournament schedule:
The BIG 10 – Offered every day
Between 1pm ET and 12am ET we are offering the 10 big guaranteed tournaments. Each tournament allows for a period of late registration so no matter what time you login to play you will have the ability to play multiple big guaranteed tournaments at once.
Time (ET) Tournament Buy-In
3:00pm $1,000 Guaranteed $5 + $0.50
4:00pm $2,000 Guaranteed $10 + $1
5:00pm $3,000 Guaranteed -6 max- $20 + $2
6:00pm $10,000 Guaranteed $28 +$2
7:00pm $15,000 Guaranteed $100 + $9
8:00pm $5,000 Guaranteed $50 + $5
9:00pm $3,000 Guaranteed $30 + $3
10:00pm $1,000 Guaranteed $10 + $1
11:00pm $500 Guaranteed $5 + $0.50
12:00am $300 Guaranteed $3 + $0.30
Time (ET) Tournament Buy-In
1:00pm $1,200 Guaranteed $10 + $1
2:00pm $5,000 Guaranteed $50 + $5
3:00pm $1,000 Guaranteed $5 + $0.50
4:00pm $4,000 Guaranteed -6 max- $20 + $2
5:00pm $2,500 Guaranteed $10 + $1
6:00pm $4,000 Guaranteed -6 max- KO $40 + $10 KO + $4
7:00pm $4,000 Guaranteed $30 + $3
8:00pm $10,000 Guaranteed $100 + $9
10:00pm $1,000 Guaranteed $10 + $1
11:00pm $500 Guaranteed $5 + $0.50
Time (ET) Tournament Buy-In
1:00pm $1,500 Guaranteed $10 + $1
2:00pm $6,000 Guaranteed $50 + $5
3:00pm $1,000 Guaranteed $5 + $0.50
4:00pm $4,000 Guaranteed -6 max- $20 + $2
5:00pm $2,500 Guaranteed $10 + $1
6:00pm $12,500 Guaranteed $28+ $2
8:00pm $3,500 Guaranteed $5 + $0.50
8:00pm $15,000 Guaranteed $100 + $9
10:00pm $1,000 Guaranteed $10 + $1
11:00pm $500 Guaranteed $5 + $0.50

Betcoin poker offers Tournament with 150 BTC prize!

It’s time for bitcoin & litecoin poker players to make LIFE CHANGING MONEY! is excited to announce shared tournament access with the WPN. At you can now play in BIG tournaments daily including the 150 btc ($100,000) gtd monthly, 75 btc ($50,000) gtd weekly and 10 BIG gtd tournaments ranging from 0.5 btc to up to 20 btc daily and still receive all of the benefits of playing with bitcoin at including INSTANT DEPOSITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS.   Also, 15 chip ($10) on demand freerolls run all day and night giving you a chance to build your bankroll for FREE.
How it works
You can access the tournaments by logging into the poker client or logging into the poker web version and clicking the tourney button. You can then select from among specific tournaments or shared tournaments. If you select a shared tournament and click register you will be shown the buyin amount in USD as well as the total btc in your account. Under the total in your account you will see a conversion of the dollar amount into the btc amount in chips. When you click register, the chip amount will be deducted from your wallet and you will have purchased the tournament chip amount for the USD amount with btc at the current market rate.
Instant withdrawal of your winnings
The tournament will be played with the chips purchased. You are simply purchasing chips with your btc for the dollar amount of those chips and playing in the tournament with the chips. When the tournament is complete, your winnings will be converted back into your chips / btc amount based on the current market rate of USD to btc. You will then be free to withdraw them instantly.
The tournaments offer truly life changing money for very low buyins including the 150 BTC GTD Tournament Sunday, July 13, 2014!
150 BTC GTD Tournament
It’s time to get your share of 150 btc ($100,000!) On July 13th at 7:00pm Est, players will have an opportunity to win a share of over 150 btc!
The tournament will feature 15 minute levels and 10,000 starting chips with a buyin of the current market rate of 0.313 btc or 313 chips plus 0.02347 btc 23 chips ($200+$15) you get the opportunity to win life changing money!
150 BTC ($100,000) Guaranteed
Date and Time: Sunday July 13th, 2014 at 7pm ET
Buy-in: 0.313 btc + 0.023 btc ($200+15)
10,000 Starting chips
If the 0.313 btc + 0.023 btc ($200+15) buyin is a bit steep for your bankroll is running a ton of satellites leading up to the event in which you can secure your entry for as little as FREE to secure your entry.
So what are you waiting for? Why not take your shot at life changing money? Check out our qualifiers in the tournament lobby and secure your seat today.
Benefits of playing with bitcoin
– INSTANT DEPOSITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS – Play with your money fast and withdraw it immediately with no bs.
– Micro-Deposits – You can deposit as little as 0.001 current value of $0.65 and play instantly.
– Play anywhere in the world, because bitcoin transactions are peer to peer.
Please let us know if you have questions and login to today!
Also, later today we will be announcing the 1 btc (1,000 chip) GTD and one satellite seat to the 150 btc GTD event on Sunday, July 13, 2014 Thank You and New Tournament Schedule FREEROLL to thank all of our players for their support. All of our active players will be invited to this freeroll and then we hope the winner goes off to win their share of 150 btc in the July 13th tournament.

Poker Bitcoin : Video Poker Anonibet



Anonibet is online since december 2011 , one of the first bitcoin sportsbetting sites , offers a good range of sports and live betting , and now bitcoin casino too , with a great number of video poker games.

Anonibet is simplicity :  the registering process ,  you sign up with your email and password that you choose,  no personal information needed , once registered , enter and see the simple options for depositing and withdrawing your bitcoins . The transactions are fast , and the site is secure , they have the bitcoins in a cold storage , the site can´t be hacked.

They offers the classic casino games like roulette ,  videopoker , Blackjack  , Baccarat , and more modern ones like slots , cards , arcade games. Nice offer to play bitcoin casino with more of a hundred games , and great slots  and options to win great jackpots.
About  his sports betting offer sports: football, basketball , tennis, volleyball , handball and ice hockey.
Best offers and draws more attention are their live betting, every day you can find more than 100 live events to bet on .

Casino Games:

-Arcade games , like scratch games , keno , soccer shot …. 25 games.

-Slots  has 34 slots game , modern and with big bitcoin jackpots.

-the table games ( roulette ,sic bo , craps ) , and card games (blackjack , baccarat , poonton).

– Another star game is video poker , 27 bitcoin videopoker games , that´s a great numbet , with new generation graphics , you have the classic choice of video poker ,  but the casino has from 4 -line video poker to 50-line video poker with huges bitcoin jackpots. A nice option to try video poker games.
Our conclusion is that it is a great bookmaker and casino that deserves to be tested it, if you have a few bitcoins ,  this is your place .

Satoshibet with Video Poker Casino


SatoshiBet is a great video poker bitcoin casino . The interface is easy to use, this casino has almost instant deposits and withdrawals of their currencies. One of the most important aspects is that you do not need an account or litecoins try this casino. The site provides the user with play- tabs to get a feel for the site and its games before depositing Litecoin . Satoshibet gives you 1,000 chips to play games for free in their games.

If the user wants to play with coins , they are given an address or QR code to send your BTC , LTC or DOGE to satoshibet . This is an important development in this casino, you can play with this three coins , going strong in the world Litecoin . Once you deposit the funds, you are rewarded almost instantly.

The site is demonstrably fair . Satoshibet shows all your stats on the first page . It shows everything from the number of games played, total gains player, past winners, and the current size of the pot , serves as support for the legitimacy of the site, showing good story.

Once funds deposits of users on the site without an account , they are presented with the option to play any of the five games of casino:

Game ” Blackjack ” is the classic game 21 pays 3-2 . To see the rules , click the help button , left margin. MBTC 0,001 minimum bet , max bet 500 MBTC .

The game ” Roulette Bitcoin ” is silent on the help button . But I think everyone knows …  MBTC 0,001 minimum bet the maximum bet of MBTC 3000 .

The game ” Casino War” is the most simple: two cards at random projection screen . The winner is decided by which card is higher in value. The minimum bet is 0.001 BTC and the maximum bet is 1000 MBT .

“Lucky 7″ is a classic slot game with its modifiers shown through the button ” Help” . Great game, good graphics and sound effects . The minimum bet is 0.001 MBTC and the maximum bet is 50mBTC . Jackpot now : 1.67 MBTC .

Satoshibet also has video poker. It is another classic and simple game, you bet , and click on the cards you want to keep . MBTC 0,001 and maximum bet is 50 MBTC

Betcoin Poker , 24 Guaranteed tournaments daily

Betcoin Poker are excited to announce the introduction of 24 GTD tournaments that will happen daily starting February 25,
Each tournament will feature guaranteed pots ranging in size from 10 GTD to the nightly 300 Chip GTD.  Additionally, each tournament will only require 3 players to start!  There has never been a better place to earn your share of btc or ltc than by playing at
Additionally, there will be no withdrawal restrictions attached to any of the tournaments.  The schedule that begins is as follows:

00:00 – 40 Chip GTD Super Turbo – 2 Chips
01:00 – 30 GTD Deepstack Turbo – 3 Chips
02:00 – Micro 10 GTD Rebuy – 0.4 Chips
03:00 – 50 GTD Knockout – 5 Chips
04:00 – Morning 100 GTD – 10 Chips
05:00 – 10 GTD Super Turbo – 1 Chip
06:00 – 30 GTD Rebuy – 2 Chips
07:00 – 50 GTD Morning – 5 Chips
08:00 – 1 Chip Wakeup – 15 GTD
09:00 – Micro 10 GTD Rebuy – 0.4 Chips
10:00 – Easy 20 GTD – 1 Chip
11:00 – Lucky 11 – 3 Chip Rebuy – 50 GTD
12:00 – 2 Chips – 20 GTD
13:00 – 1 at 1 Chip 20 GTD
14:00 – 2 Chip Rebuy – 40 GTD
15:00 – 50 Large GTD – 5 Chips
16:00 – 1 Chip Rebuy – 20 GTD
17:00 – PLO 10 GTD – 1 Chip
18:00 – 100 GTD Large Deepstack – 10 Chips
19:00 – 125 GTD Rebuy – 5 Chips
20:00 – PLO Big 50 GTD
21:00 – Big 300 GTD Nightly – 25 Chips
22:00 – 50 GTD Deepstack Turbo – 5 Chips
23:00 – 1 Chip Turbo – 15 GTD


Please take advantage of the 24 GTD tournaments and win your share of the btc available from 


Poker with bitcoins

All the pokerrooms that accepts bitcoins:

BetcoinPoker , 100% bonus with your first deposit , and daily freeroll.



Nitrogen Sports Poker Hourly Freeroll with 1mBtc prize

Switch Poker , 5€ free no deposit required , and 100% bonus up to 600$ , mobile , you can play on your iphone , android or tablet. Works in $/€ but accept deposit in bitcoins.

RedStar Poker , 200% bonus up to 1000$ , 10000$ in frerolls monthly , works in $ but accept bitcoins.