Satoshibet with Video Poker Casino


SatoshiBet is a great video poker bitcoin casino . The interface is easy to use, this casino has almost instant deposits and withdrawals of their currencies. One of the most important aspects is that you do not need an account or litecoins try this casino. The site provides the user with play- tabs to get a feel for the site and its games before depositing Litecoin . Satoshibet gives you 1,000 chips to play games for free in their games.

If the user wants to play with coins , they are given an address or QR code to send your BTC , LTC or DOGE to satoshibet . This is an important development in this casino, you can play with this three coins , going strong in the world Litecoin . Once you deposit the funds, you are rewarded almost instantly.

The site is demonstrably fair . Satoshibet shows all your stats on the first page . It shows everything from the number of games played, total gains player, past winners, and the current size of the pot , serves as support for the legitimacy of the site, showing good story.

Once funds deposits of users on the site without an account , they are presented with the option to play any of the five games of casino:

Game ” Blackjack ” is the classic game 21 pays 3-2 . To see the rules , click the help button , left margin. MBTC 0,001 minimum bet , max bet 500 MBTC .

The game ” Roulette Bitcoin ” is silent on the help button . But I think everyone knows …  MBTC 0,001 minimum bet the maximum bet of MBTC 3000 .

The game ” Casino War” is the most simple: two cards at random projection screen . The winner is decided by which card is higher in value. The minimum bet is 0.001 BTC and the maximum bet is 1000 MBT .

“Lucky 7″ is a classic slot game with its modifiers shown through the button ” Help” . Great game, good graphics and sound effects . The minimum bet is 0.001 MBTC and the maximum bet is 50mBTC . Jackpot now : 1.67 MBTC .

Satoshibet also has video poker. It is another classic and simple game, you bet , and click on the cards you want to keep . MBTC 0,001 and maximum bet is 50 MBTC

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